My story is much too sad to be told

And practically everything leaves me suddenly cold. *

Yes, that’s right.  It has snowed.  Yet again.

Upon backing out of my driveway this morning, I saw my neighbor’s beautiful red and gold tulips were capped with white, like little hats.  They were fancy, those tulips, and clearly had put on their hats to do something fun.  Off to the opera in Moscow, or maybe having a tea party.

Which is much better than going to work, which is where I was heading.

I should have taken a picture.  But that’s the difference between me and a real photographer.  A real photog would always opt to take the picture, whereas I am just always running late and haven’t the time.

And this whole day is why I always laugh in the face of those who “pack away their winter clothes” in Colorado.

Silly people – don’t you know? Fall = 90 degrees, Winter = sunshine, and Spring = SNOW!


* Do you know what song from whence these lyrics came?  If you do, then I applaud your musical knowledge.  Also, we should probably make out.


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One response to “My story is much too sad to be told

  1. Chach

    I know!! But think it might be a bit uncomfortable for us to make out. Just like we said that we could never be in Rent together because you want to be Maurine and I want to be Joanne and that would just be wrong. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

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