Letters From The Bay, Week 3: Little Suzy Fat Ass Moves to Fog City

This city is making me fat.

Actually, my mom started it, with all her trying to be nice and buying me peanut M’n’Ms and putting them in a red mug and making the whole shebang look so dang enticing I just can’t get enough.

I bought another bag of them, for my office, because one enormous bag of M’n’Ms just isn’t enough for this Suzy, so I had to buy another bag of them to keep me…I mean, each other, company.  They live in the bottom drawer in shame, my M’n’Ms.  Shameful chocolately goodness.

I was going to write about bus love in this week’s letter – because I have seen bus lovin’ like whoa this week – but I can’t.

All I can think about is M’N’Ms.

And Blue Barn salads.

And too many glasses of wine with my roommates.

And about how I had all of the above, about ten minutes ago.

Especially the wine.

Aaaaaaaaand we’re done here.

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