Food for thought

On the one hand, big thanks to THE AGENCY for feeding me a lot lately.  Three meals every day, for the last several days.

We’re talking serious foodage people.  I haven’t gone grocery shopping in almost three weeks.

On the other hand – a completely different hand – maybe even on an entirely different body ? why is it that I am at work long enough every day that they feel compelled to feed me so often and on such a regular schedule?

It’s like the zoo.

Plus booze.


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One response to “Food for thought

  1. erynrae

    I am well versed in being fed at work. The following is a list of times I get fed at work: Holidays, Storm Days (winter time), and Election Days. For me, the food says – “We’ll tell you right now, you are going to be at work a) on a day when most people aren’t or b) for so long, and we are going to work you so hard, you won’t even have time to see the sun, let alone run down the street for Subway.
    I am sorry you are having to be fed at work, but yay for not having to spend the money yourself to eat!

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