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Letters From The Bay, Week 10: Cleanse

Sometimes you just have to cut yourself off.

As previously discussed, little Suzy Fat Ass came to San Francisco.  Little Suzy Fat Ass is my inner fat girl, and sometimes she is very, very hungry.  Like, for approximately the last ten weeks.

AKB, my favorite roommate, is getting a little fluffy, too.  And so, in an effort to contain the fluff, we decided to cut ourselves off.

For the last week, it’s been no sugar, no carbs and…gulp…the hardest part…no coffee.

So, no fun at all basically.

But that’s the point of a cleanse – to get rid of all the bad stuff.  All the toxins and the crap.

And come Friday at 3:30, I’m cleansing out another kind of toxic crap: I am leaving work early and heading to the airport for a trip home to Colorado!  I’m going to hug my family, sit on my deck, chat with my neighbors, cry at a wedding, play in the mountains, drive my car (sorry environment, but I CAN’T WAIT to rev up my SUV), and not check my blackberry at. all.

If you happen to be flying out of SFO on Friday afternoon, look for me: I’ll be the one with the huge cup of coffee and a smile on my face.

And if you’re at home in the square state, let’s chat, shall we?  I’m sure I can’t wait to see you.


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Letters From The Bay, Week 7: Impose Yourself, Woman!

So, as it turns out, I am not so great at writing a weekly column when the editor is myself.

I thought I would do well with this self-imposed deadline, but no.  I do well with self-imposed things sometimes.  Self-imposed wine drinking?  Check!  Self-imposed sleeping in on Saturday mornings for my health?  If you insist!  Self-imposed shopping at Banana Republic for sweaters to protect myself against the frigid San Fran summer?  Ah, well, if I must.

I also excel at external deadlines.  For example, that one time I had a weekly column for an entire year. I did well with that.  Or when someone says “come to my man fortress for I have fun things planned for us, and also, remember to NOT get off at the sketchy BART station!”  I always do come over, and always do not get off at the sketchy BART station.

But this self-imposition?

Not so much.

Ergo, I would just like you all to know that I am alive.  And I am working on a little project for all of you.

And for now, that’s enough.

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