A token December 2009 post

Things to be excited about:

– “Don’t Stop Believin'” as sung by the cast of Glee.  Is this on repeat on my iPod?  Yes.  Am I ashamed?  No.

– The upcoming season of The Bachelor.  Is this marked on my calendar?  Yes.  Am I ashamed?  Less than I should be.

– A weekend in Vail with some of my favorite ladies, one of those being the delightful and delovely LP!  Back from across the pond, I can’t wait to give her both a giant hug and an earful of gossip about my city life.

– Hot pink OPI nail polish.  I got some for Christmas and I simply can’t wait to be pink all over.  I don’t know about you, but I always feel better with nail polish on and I am rarely without it.

– Another glorious week in the square state!  I have to work at home for the next two point five days – feh – but at least I am HOME in my HOUSE and all my work time is accompanied by both pajama pants and big mugs of coffee.

What are you excited about?


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