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Letters From The Bay, Week 33: All that Twitter cannot contain

1. I love my new job.  Like, LOVE love it.  I’m all hopped up on creativity and drama, and I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be now.  THE AGENCY can suck it.

2. I love attending board meetings with people who are theater nerds at heart.  They can sing and dance and project real loud, but they cannot run a board meeting to save their lives.  Luckily for them, I can.  It’s such a clusterfuck, and it cracks me up.

3. My new house is pretty dang swell.  I have a big blue room, some crown molding and hardwood flooring, and a transom of my very own.  Rocks.

4. My roommate B took me on a Mission Vacation this week!  Crazy club, great jazz, and a driving tour of B’s life were on the agenda.  It’s just a Wednesday night in the city, and I love it all.

5. I cut off all my hair, and now I have a jaunty ponytail!  There is something about a jaunty pony that takes off about twenty years.  Why did it take me so long to remember that?

6. A man’s social security card ended up in my shoe on the bus this week.  I have no idea how it got there, but when he said “Excuse me miss, but I think my social security card is in your shoe,” he was right.  I think he is David Copperfield the Magician in disguise.  And now poor Anthony Fujita/David in disguise’s important paperwork now has my toe prints on it.

7. I’m going on a trail run tomorrow, and then I’m going to yoga.  I go to yoga almost every day now, on account of how I work 9:00 – 5:00, just like Dolly said.  Have I mentioned my new job is swell?

8. I’m meeting Olympia Dukakis next month.  That is definitely going to trump my current brush with celebrity to date: a cameo on Blinky’s Fun Club, circa 1989, for my fifth birthday.



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