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Letters From The Bay, Week 35: Did you know?

Did you know that plain yogurt is an awesome substitute for sour cream, and tastes great with pineapple salsa?  It does.

Did you know that carrots are an acceptably crunchy substitute for tortilla chips, should you run out and be in desperate need of a chips and salsa snack?  They are.

Did you know that if you date me I will sucker you into assembling furniture for me?  Thanks, and I like you!

Did you know that if you talk during the Oscars and say rude things to my roommates, I will talk smack about you on my blog, and also make plans to ban you from coming to my parties forever more, as comeuppance?  I WILL.  Just try me.

Did you know that you should definitely use the word comeuppance whenever possible?  You should.

Did you know that I’ve been in this city for so long now that I saw something weird on public transport today, and you know what? I CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS.

Oh, balls.


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