Let’s chat…

…about how {this is glamorous} makes me want to live in a tiny jewel box of an apartment all my own. I’ve never loved the idea of living alone – I’m much too chatty and I like knowing other people are knocking around upstairs or out back, even if I’m not talking to them – but I suspect the idea of an apartment decorated in lace and swirls and shiny things is something I’m going to have to do by myself someday. And maybe that’s a good thing?

…about how excited I am for yoga tomorrow morning. It’s less like working out and more like setting aside time specifically for breathing.  And that’s definitely a good thing.

…about how I took an impromptu road trip to Disneyland last weekend and brought back this tacky gem of a purchase. I’ve been drinking out of it every morning in an attempt to keep the magic alive!

…about how I drunk bought a pair of shoes online after drinking too much wine with my old BFF from work.  I would blame it on her, but she was long gone when I made my tipsy way on over to Seychelles. Whoops!  On the plus side, just too cha cha, don’t you agree?  Please agree. The cab sav and I need some validation.

Anything you guys need to chat about?  You good?


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One response to “Let’s chat…

  1. Lynn Davis

    Very cute!! Also, will make you much taller! Enjoy. Mom

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