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Autumn List

Let’s be clear – I love San Francisco. The artful graffiti and the hazy sunrises. The fog rolling in like the unfurling of an old woolen blanket and the sailboats gliding across the water, as elegant as ladies in ball gowns, but wetter. Boatier.

I love the candy colored Marina houses, packed together like three scoops of ice-cream towering on a cone. I love the crazy colored Victorians in the Haight, just daring you to judge them so they can flip you off behind your back. I adore the street musicians, the crab sellers, the old hippies, and the man with the toothy grin who sells flowers at the Saturday morning market at the Ferry Building. I even relish in the crap weather. There is no town that invites you to brew an extra pot of coffee and read just one more chapter like San Francisco (except for perhaps Seattle?) because hey – it’s pouring rain outside, and who wants to get their hair wet in that hot mess, am I right?

Except. But. However.

I am craving Fall. Allegedly, it’s here – or rather, there, and also there – but alas, it’s definitely not here. As I wandered through the Presidio in the 85 degree heat today and plucked fresh peaches and heirloom tomatoes from the wide farmers market baskets, I couldn’t help but think that Fall seems a million miles away.

Where are the crunching leaves? The crisp winds that whistle in the hollows of your ears?  Where are my new school supplies? And where, for Pete’s (and Trudy’s) sake, are all the pumpkins?!  Doesn’t San Francisco know it’s time?

Maybe I’m being ungrateful. September and October are the respite from my beloved crap weather mentioned above, and usually I’d be happy to have a sunny day when it comes. But something about summer and San Fran don’t quite fit together. I don’t know if it’s a little short in the sleeve or tight in the crotch or if it’s a deeper personal problem we’ll never truly understand, but it’s not right.

So I’d like to go on the record with this: I’ll take rainy afternoons and windy nights over this hot nonsense any day, thank you and you’re welcome. I love you San Francisco, but I just might love Fall more…

Inspired by the lists on this talented photographer’s beautiful site and this lovely lady’s blog, I’ve made a Fall to-do list.

What do you do in the Fall?


Septimbre Sizzle and Pumpkin Spice Latte – my all-time favorite music mixdowns by D. Heavy on the Adele, Camera Obscura, Jamie Cullum and Brandon Heath, nothing takes me back to my favorite Fall ever (2008, in case you were wondering) faster than these two CDs.

HideawayThe Weepies. Arguably my favorite album of all time (a list for another blog post), this music is perfectly mellow and a little melancholy, without being depressing. Perfect for Fall.

James Taylor. Any and all. Steamroller, Carolina on My Mind, Fire and Rain…you can practically smell wet leaves in the street and chili on the stove, and that’s exactly right.


That One Gray Sweater With The Giant Cowl Neck And The Perfect Sleeve Length. Do you ever look at your closet and wonder what ever possessed you? I’m looking at you plaid dress from last year… And then, do you look at your closet and think, oh thank goodness I own this beautiful thing? What amazing shopping foresight I had!

That’s how I feel about That One Gray Sweater With The Giant Cowl Neck And The Perfect Sleeve Length. It’s a love affair that has begun anew every Fall for almost nine years (oh lord), and one I’m eagerly anticipating this year again, as though it were the first time.


Pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, D’s mom’s pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, my Grama’s ace, A+, number one pumpkin bars that melt in your mouth…can we say pumpkin?

Roast chicken and bread salad a la Zuni. I once cooked this dish for a boyfriend who I’m not sure appreciated it. Let’s try again, shall we?

S’mores, SF-style: Trader Joe’s cinnamon graham crackers, homemade marshmallows from Miette Patisserie on Chestnut, and, of course, freshly snapped dark chocolate from Ghiradelli Square. Best when building a bonfire on Ocean Beach, if you please.


Birthday BreakFEAST 2010 – celebrating October birthdays with a little breakfast for dinner. We did this on a whim last year and now I associate pumpkin pancakes and champagne with my birthday – and what’s better than that?

London + Paris with LP! I can’t wait to sip lattes, eat warm bread, wear a cute hat and wander through museums and take photos to my heart’s content.

More Fall things I hope to create/eat/experience…

More real photography (ie, non-Hipstamatic photos)

More writing + more intentional making time for writing

Long evening runs in long sleeved t-shirts + early morning hikes with roommates

Boots, boots, boots!

Grilled pizza on the back deck

The Tate Modern in London

Camping in Yosemite + new North Face sleeping bags

Seeing the Brother/Sister Trilogy + being so proud of where I get to go to work every day

Giant mugs of coffee + sleeping in more if I feel like it

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass + ice cold Fat Tire in a field full of hippies


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