Happy today…

…because the weather is crisp and sunny here in San Francisco. Trail runs and bike rides ahoy this weekend!

…because my department was able to pull off a surprise 50th birthday ice-cream party for someone who very much deserves it.

…because I finally, FINALLY found velvet pants petite enough for my non-long legs. And for 32 buckaroos, no less. Thank you, Banana!

…because beer, a burger and a long chat with a friend hit the spot tonight.

…because the new (old? I have no idea!) Cee-Lo album is essentially the love child of Mayer Hawthorne and Diana Ross, and it has me shakin’ my groove thing all around the hacienda. Seriously. In love. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?

…because my phone blew up tonight with the sweetest text messages from someone. Someone will be visiting San Francisco in the very near future, and planning our weekend itinerary has been so much fun. Food + wine + cooking + hiking + theater + snuggling are all on the agenda, and we plan on taking our to-do list very seriously. Long distance is for sucks, but someone is doing a really excellent job of it thus far. Which only makes me miss him more. Le sigh.

Why are you happy today?


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