Only for you only

Guys, my coworker Nina and I are working on a little side project, and I would love for you all to know about it. All 100 or so of you – small test group!

VeryHilary has always been an outlet for writing, stories about my ridiculous adventures, musings on life and the occasional picture or two. But lately I have felt like it’s a little bit limiting, in terms of being a place for all of the things I love, am inspired by, doing, seeing, etc.

Enter Nina, my dear friend and co-worker, who is a brilliant designer and has an eye for all things awesome. Between her design skillz, my writing skillz, my photography abilities, and her well-curated sense of style, we think we can make a little place on the internet for… something. What that something is, we’re not exactly sure yet. It’s a work in progress.

But, I would love for you guys to be able to meander over there now – even though, may I say again, WORK VERY MUCH IN PROGRESS – and tell us what you think! Is is funny? Is it interesting? Is it helpful? Would you like to see more design? More cooking? More photos? More ideas?

Don’t judge. Just enjoy.



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