About the Blogger

My name is Hilary. This is my blog.

Here’s what I look like wearing a bear hat:

I like lots of things, like old jazz music, long hot showers, and bright red nail polish. For toes, not for sniffing. Obviously.

I also like traveling to weird countries most people can’t find on a map, smelling old library books, red shoes, anything involving avocado, interesting words like “kerfuffle” and “hullabaloo”, talking on the phone for hours at a time, Real Simple Magazine, the fluttering feeling I get when the Pottery Barn catalogue comes in the mail or when I get to pick up someone at the airport.

Additionally: orange flowers, autumn leaves that crunch like potato chips, and long dinner parties that stretch into the morning time. If you’re nice to me, you just might be invited to one at my house. We prefer cabernet, if you please.

Great music, beautiful photography, and interesting people inspire me.  So do foggy days, clear nights, and random acts of kindness.

I am passionate about all things visual.  Luckily for me, San Francisco is pure eye candy and that’s where I live.

Can you lick your elbow? I can.

My favorite thing ever is standing in my kitchen, leaning into the hard angle where the countertops meet, eating ice-cream straight from the container and reading TIME magazine.

I am always up for hijinks and assorted merry makings, except for when I’m napping with my pants off.

Everybody does it.


3 responses to “About the Blogger

  1. Duncan

    Yes! I am!

  2. cam

    Um I LOVE when PB (pottery barn) comes in the mail! I dream of when my house will look just like that. I love how PB creates this desire in everyone to have their house look so perfect for every season. I feel like we need to go on a vaca to London. Start saving now, I’ll make a fb event 2010?

  3. Amy Carder

    Your grandpa WAS a great guy. I worked with him for many years in Confirmation/s at the Channel Six Auction. He was committed, devoted and more importantly, there, day after day, year after year and always with a smile on his face. It was a pleasure to have known him and worked with him. The memories make me smile………….

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