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Belated Birthday Bettys

Sometimes I get a case of the Bettys.  Not Betty as in Ford (although we commend you for admitting that you clearly had a problem) or Betty as in Boop, but Betty as in Crocker.

There is a part of my feisty, feminist self – deep, deep, oh so deep down – that actually loves all things 1950.  I love aprons and pearls.  I love to vacuum.  I sometimes daydream about how fun it would be to make a big ol’ breakfast every morning and then send my husband and children away so I could shop and drink coffee and smoke long cigarettes without the spectre of the surgeon general hanging over me.   So yes, it’s true: I have an inner-1950s housewife.  And sometimes she escapes. When she’s not being sat upon by Little Suzy Fat Ass (my inner fat girl), that is.

It only takes one viewing of “Revolutionary Road” to pretty much put all that right back to the ’50s, but oh it’s nice to pretend sometimes.

And usually, when I’m pretending to be June Cleaver, is when I also get a case of the Bettys.  And when you get the Bettys, there is only one thing to do:

Happy Cakes!

That’s right, cupcakes.  

In this case, the Bettys happened to dovetail quite nicely with a birthday, which belonged to my sorority sister Gosia.  

Inspired by InchMark Journal*, I used the tiny paper circles to spell out Happy Birthday to my dear sister and friend.


(*This woman once worked at Martha Stewart.  MARTHA. STEWART.  Both my inner housewife and my inner fat girl would love that job.  Housewife because duh.  Little Suzy Fat Ass because hello!?!?  TWO WORDS: TEST. KITCHEN.  I am fairly sure that Martha should hire me, because I am also fairly sure that I would be fairly to moderately awesome at working for her.)


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