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If Mitt Came to Coffee

If Mitt Romney sat down at my diner booth unannounced, as he did this week at a New Hampshire diner where a Vietnam veteran and his parter were having breakfast, I’d find it hard to swallow. Literally – I’d be so terrified of RoboMitt that I’d probably find it hard to finish my breakfast. I find Mitt Romney terrifying, and his vision for our country, even more so. And if he asked me, through his genetically engineered veneers, if he could count on my vote, I’d probably answer, absolutely.

Because while I’m sure Mitt Romney is a nice person – really, he looks nice, and I genuinely believe that he is – I’m 100 percent sure that I don’t believe in his twisted vision of what our country should be. And I’m even more sure that I don’t want to live in that skewed view, which is where I’d have to live if Romney is elected president. I love my job, my city, and my country. I’d have to live here because I don’t want to leave. So I’m staying, thank you very much. And unlike Mittens, who believes we are a nation of idiots, easily duped by lies and propaganda, I have a more optimistic view of my fellow Americans and in what we deserve.
Because in the America that I believe in, Mitt Romney’s tax returns should be public, and my reproductive health should be private.
In the America that I believe in, marriage is a civil right that every man and woman can enjoy, regardless of whom they love.
In the America that I believe in, healthcare is a foundational cornerstone of an intelligent and productive society, and if you take that away, we may not have a leg to stand on. Literally.
And in the America that I believe in, the Mormon ideology can be summed up in three words: Pray, Pay, Obey. America needs a leader who will think critically, act heroically, and do what’s right, regardless of what is popular. America needs a leader who is guided by his own intellect and intuition, and not by the writings of a former polygamist who advocates bigotry, racism, and the wearing of fancy, secret underwear to his fancy, secret clubhouse.
So, Mitt, while I’m sure you are a really nice person, I’m really, REALLY sure that you do not have my vote. I stand with the President.
Pass me the coffee and get the heck outta my booth.

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